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Using Wrought Iron
as a Trellis for Growing Vines

From: Catherine
Nice site. Love the little critters.

I hope you can help, I recently cleaned out someone's shed and came across some really nice ornamental ironwork that I would like to use as a trellis for ivy in shade and clematis (I'm thinking 'Frances Rivis') in partial shade.
A neighbor says nothing will climb ironwork. Is this true? It seems I've seen it done although I can't think of what I may have seen growing on it.

It certainly seemed to me, that I had seen plants growing on wrought iron, but my memory isn't exactly perfect any more so I started by going to my books. Couldn't find a thing.
So I went to the next best source of information, people. I have yet to find anyone who has ever heard that vines wer incapable of growing on an iron trellis, and I talked to some of the best gardeners in my valley.
In the process of visiting these gardeners, I witnessed Clematis, Ivy, Heavenly Blue Morning Glories and Roses all growing, climbing, and thriving on wrought iron.
Maybe your neighbor just has bad luck with wrought iron.
Good luck to you, I certainly don't see any reason you shouldn't use it as your new trellis.

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