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The Positive Effects of Talking to Your Plants

February 22, 1999
I am doing a science fair project on the effects on talking to plants to see if they grow faster, and stay healthier. I would appreciate any information you have to offer.

Hi Danielle, I talk to my plants, and consider them to be my friends. I suppose a lot of people would say that makes me pretty weird (I'm really not that weird)..... But anyone who has seen the plants and flowers I've grown would have to admit that the look pretty good and that I must be doing something right. ( I've grown over 100,000 plants so far)
I believe that talking to your plants is beneficial to them and to yourself. It doesn't take a long conversation, just a 'hello' as you give it a drink, or a 'good morning' as you open the curtains. As you talk to them, you are exhaling CO2 (carbon dioxide), providing them with an extra shot of something which is vital to their growth and existence, and they return the favor with some fresh oxygen for you. If you regularly talk to your plants, you are also far more prone to notice changes to them, and know whether they need food, or water, or if they are bothered by bugs. Unless you are aware of the condition of the plant, you won't be in a position to take steps to help it and to keep it healthy. I suppose that my opinion doesn't constitute a fact as far as scientific data goes, but now you can say that you found the information on the internet.
'Talking to your plants DOES in fact help them to grow faster and stay healthier'

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