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How to Grow and Care for Pampas Grass Plants

Cortaderia selloana

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Pampas Grass is an impressive, fast growing plant that will quickly form a large clump of sharp edged, light green, grass-like foliage that will grow to 6 ft. tall and wide.
In late summer and fall, 10 ft. reed-like stems emerge, topped with large, silky plumes of silvery white or pink tinged flowers (C. selloana 'Rosea') that can be cut and used as dramatic additions to dried flower bouquets.
Cortaderia selloana is very tolerant of strong winds and sea spray.
In many areas, Pampas grass has become an invasive plant
that should be removed from your landscape.

Growing Requirements for Pampas Grass Plants

Pampas Grass is hardy in USDA planting zones 7-10.
Once it becomes well established, it is very drought tolerant and nearly indestructible plant.
It should be grown where it will receive full sun for most of the day, except in hot summer regions where it can be grown in light shade.
Pampas should be planted 4-5 feet apart, in fertile, well draining soil.
Water regularly and thoroughly until your Pampas grass is well established.
A yearly topdressing of compost is normally all the feeding it will normally require.
Mort the Garden Gnome
Over time, Pampas Grass clumps will build up with dead leaves and flowering stems.
When it becomes necessary, wearing heavy gloves, cut the entire clump back to 12"-18".
Cortaderia selloana requires that plants of both sexes be available in order to produce viable seeds.

Propagation and Growing Pampas Grass from Seed

Pampas Grass can be propagated by division in the winter or early spring.

Cortaderia's fine seeds require light for germination.
DO NOT cover them!

Sow Pampas Grass seeds directly into the garden where they are to grow, after the soil has warmed in the spring.
Sow seeds indoors, 6-8 weeks before planting time in the garden.
Maintain a temperature of 65°-75° in the growing medium until germination,
which takes 20-25 days.
Pampas Grass
Cortaderia selloana
Pampas Grass in bloom, Cortaderia_selloana

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