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How to Plant and Grow Japanese Pachysandra Plants

Pachysandra terminalis

This plant requires shade during the heat of the dayThis plant may not tolerate any direct sunlightThis plant will tolerate some drought, but benefits from periodic wateringSome or all parts of this plant may be toxic or poisonousNo DeerWhite flowering plantBlooming Japanese Pachysandra growing as a ground cover
Pachysandra terminalis is commonly known both as Pachysandra and as Japanese Spurge.
It is a very easy to care for, durable, low growing, mat forming, slow spreading ground cover plant that
grow on thick, un branched stems to about 6" tall in partial shade and 10" in deep shade.
Japanese Spurge forms a dense, dark green carpet of 3" leathery evergreen leaves with serrated edges.
Pachysandra is an excellent plant choice for growing under trees
and in other areas where other plants refuse to grow.
A variegated variety of Pachysandra terminalis is also available.
Angoor the Garden Gnome Pachysandra produces fluffy 1"-2" spikes of fragrant,
tiny white flowers in late spring and summer.

Planting and Growing Requirements for Pachysandra

Pachysandra terminalis is hardy in USDA zones 4-7.
Pachysandra should be grown in partial to full shade for the best results.
Morning sun is fine, but too much sun will cause the foliage to bleach out, especially in the winter.

Prepare the planting site by adding a generous amount
of compost
to the existing, well-drained soil and cultivating it in deeply.

Test and adjust the soil acidity to maintain a pH of 5.5-6.5.

Plant Pachysandras 12 inches apart and pinch back the tips occasionally for the fastest ground coverage.
Water regularly and thoroughly for the first growing season
to establish a deep, strong root system.

Feed once in the spring when new growth begins,
using a good, all-purpose, soluble fertilizer.

Control weed growth until established and
protect new growth from slugs and snails.

Propagating Pachysandra Plants

Pachysandra plants are easy to propagate with softwood cuttings
taken in early summer.

Dig up and divide established clumps of Pachysandra. You can simply replant larger sections or pull them apart into individual shoots.


Japanese Spurge
Pachysandra terminalis
Blooming Japanese Pachysandra Growing as a Ground Cover

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