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The Mosses and Lichens of Hummingbird House

A photographic catalog of Pacific Northwest mosses and lichens
which grow in Hummingbird House

Flowers for your garden

Care and Cultivation of Decorative Garden Mosses

Golden Short-Capsuled Moss

Cladonia Scales

False Pixie Cup

Lipstick Cladonia

Broom Moss

Cord Moss

Clear Moss

Stair Step Moss

Dust Lichens

Menzies Neckera

Bottle Moss

Twelve Mosses and Lichens

Two Square Inches

Douglas' Neckera

Cedar Shake Liverwort


Haircap Moss/Shaggy Sphagnum

Juniper Haircap Moss

Awned Haircap Moss

Small Flat Moss

Lanky Moss

Bent-Leaf Moss

Comb Liverwort

Yellow-Ladle Liverwort

Oregon Selaginella

Small Red Peat Moss

White-Toothed Peat Moss

Shaggy Sphagnum

Questionable Rock-Frog

A Carpet of Moss

New Zealand Brass Buttons
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