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How to Divide and Renew your Ornamental Grass

No matter which type or size of Ornamental Grass you have in your landscape,
there will come a time when it becomes necessary to rejuvinate your plant by dividing and replanting it!.

How to grow and care for Ornamental Grasses

Popular Varieties of Ornamental Grasses
After a few years of growing, it may become necessary divide your ornamental grass plants. It is generally best to divide grasses in the spring just as they are beginning to break dormancy. Old Pampas Grass
Pampas Grass in dire need New growth may only appear at the sides of the clump, leaving a naked center.
This condition indicates that too much woody, old growth has smothered the room for new growth. Even if a new shoot emerges from the woody core, there is little chance for it's survival. Pampas Grass with rotted root core
Remove the plant from the soil Cut off the foliage to about 4-6 inches above the crown. Dig the plant up completely and remove it from the ground.
Cut the clump into divisions with a sharp spade, a large knife, or... if necessary, an axe. Begin by using your spade to cut through the core on one side. Use a second spade to cut the opposite side. The two spades should face opposite directions. Pull the spades in each direction to pry the first divisions apart. Dividing Pampas Grass
Pampas Grass divisions Begin by cutting the clump into halves, then quarters. The first cut will be the toughest because of the hard texture of the core. As it becomes possible, remove smaller divisions from the clump, by pulling them away from the parent plant by hand.
Remove dead or diseased material from each individual division. Dead Pampas Grass debris
Compost With this plant, the operation resulted in a large pile of debris, which is destined for the compost pile.
As well as a good supply of varying sizes of new plants. Even a single stalk will produce a new plant if it has a few healthy roots. New Pampas Grass plants
A healthy Pampas Grass specimen In a few years, each of these divisions will, with luck and care, develop into a healthy, happy specimen plant!

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