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TI plant (Cordyline) C. terminialis

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by syl726 on April 20, 2004 10:57 PM
I have one of these plants. At the time the salesperson told me that when they start turning brown on the tips to just cut them off and that for some reason, they will always grow back brown. Mine too, have gotten black! [Eek!] What's with this plant?
by Chrissy on April 21, 2004 02:03 AM
I was just reading a web page about TI plants, as I have one too whose leaf tips always brown no matter how I tend to it. You might find this site interesting...this gardener also claims that it is normal for the tips to brown even in perfect growing conditions....I am at a loss myself trying to find a way to keep this from happening. TI Plants

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by Canadian CrabGrass on April 21, 2004 03:59 AM
I have 2 of those, and a 3rd that I'm rooting for my daughter - I'll have to admit that the good thing about this plant is that it's easy to root, either in water or in soil.

I find them a bit challenging to care for, but of course I'm no expert! [Big Grin] Mine seem to like filtered sun and moderate watering. I've noticed that spraying will make the leaves turn yellow and brown and mushy, so I don't spray it.

One of my plants is 3 years old, and I keep that one at about 2 feet tall. When it gets too long and leggy I just cut off the top and shove it back right into the same pot, so I end up with a nice bushy plant rather than a tall one.

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