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Please help this fittonia!!!

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by rozy221 on January 09, 2005 06:31 AM
Can someone help me please!!! I've just been elected to plantsit for a Fittonia "Red Vein" argyroneura. [scaredy] The plant belongs to my best friend who was called away suddenly to the military. [tears] When she first left, the plant was left unwatered for a while. [tongue] It looked dead as could be. My mother in law watered it regularly, and, after removing all the completely dead leaves, we're left with an unsightly thing with about 10 stems and about as many leaves. [Roll Eyes] There is some new growth, which is promising. I actually see a couple of little leaves coming out of the tip of one of the chopped-off stems. [thumb] But there's lots of stems with nothing on them. I just got a letter from her today asking me to take care of it. What can I do? Is there any hope? [dunno] I can match it's habitat pretty closely, as far as light. But she never did anything for humidity, which I understand these plants need a lot of. I'm really at a loss here! I've got until June, which is when she will hopefully be home, to figure it out. [angel] Please help!!!
by Amy R. on January 09, 2005 08:07 AM
hi there,
i have a love/hate relationship with fittonias, so i can completely understand your predicament. right you are about them needing humidity, so here are a few things you can do about that.

place the plant in the bathroom or kitchen, near an aquarium, etc., provided the areas have enough light.
mist plant often (duh, hee hee)
place the plant on a humidifying tray(a tray filled with pebbles and water, but make sure the plants sits on top of the water and not in it).

here is some more info for you:

fittonias do best in the shadowless light of a north window. night temps of 65-79 and day temps of 75-85 are ideal. fertilize established plants monthly with any standard house-plant fertilizer diluted to half strength.

one more thing(sorry so long), it is fairly easy to propagate fittonias. if all else is lost, you can take a small cutting from the plant, stick it in water, and within a week or two it will have rooted. you can then plant the cutting and hopefully grow a new plant. good thing you have until june so you have some options. best of luck and let us know how it turns out!

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