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Freezeing Philadendron

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by Piney on January 05, 2005 01:00 PM
Tried to cover up and protect a large split-leaf philadendron (sp?)....w/o complete success.

Leaves all turned brown and begin to turn mushy (ie dead...). WHere should I cut them off at-- at the leaf-end of their stem or sut the stems off at the trunk ?
by Amy R. on January 05, 2005 06:27 PM
oh, what a bummer! [Eek!] i had a somewhat similar experience, not that severe, and i had to actually dig up the plant, and remove the parts that were still good. mine was just a baby indoor houseplant, though. i'm sorry i can't help you more, [dunno] hopefully someone will be along who can.
by British boy on January 06, 2005 06:39 PM
I'm no expert, but I would think if it is still attached to the stem good, cut it off about three or four inches away from the stem. I would check with some one else first, just to make sure.
by njoynit on January 08, 2005 11:10 PM
The cold got my one that gets hit with morning sun.but the other 3 were better locations.It will return.mines even sprouting again& will be covered next time.I cut the leaves off leaveing 2 inches of stem pokeing up.I'm a zone 8b Tyler county.the others#1 is under an eve#2 is under a tree but its leaves are off& 2 leaves are broke from the puppy#3 is on screened porch was blanketed.I store my sheets on plants some nights and keep folded on chair on porch with them.

also some of us texans got rain before the cold so we didn't have to water to preserve our roots.If you water them takes longer to damage roots and we don't stay cold long enough,but that waters a plus.
good luck.mine was fine last year.then this spring I divided him.shared him& spread him out some more.

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