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sticky sap on house plant

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by Stephen McMillian on July 18, 2006 08:01 AM
Have a 15-20 year old plant that appears to be a cross between a vine and a palm. It won't stand up on its own, is approximately 7 ft. high and has compound leaves with #30 alternating leaflets on each leaf. Periodically it will send out a small appendage with multi stems that foster small white flowers. This issue is that it has started oozing a very sticky sap, over the last couple of months, that is dripping on the floor. It has never done this before. ( FYI no aphids)On top of that I don't have a clue what this plant is. Is this natural or a product of some type of condition change? We moved about a year ago. House temperatures and lighting are approximately the same and the plant isn't near any registers. Appreciate any help.
by DowntoEarth on July 18, 2006 09:14 AM
Not sure about what type of plant you have, but it sounds nice though. The problem your seeing could be from a pest called "Scale" perhaps, or another kind of critter brought into the house maybe by another plant that was/is infested.

by margaret e. pell on July 18, 2006 04:04 PM
Could be scale. I know when my hoya gets scale by the sticky ooze that drips down. A black sooty mildew will grow on it, so you probably want to wash off the plant leaves while you're examining them. Can you send a pic of the plant? We's love to see it!

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