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by Muskrat on March 11, 2004 08:00 PM
Hello. I bought a beautiful gardinia-jasmonadis plant last spring. When I brought it home I kept it in the kitchen, a bright southfacing room which is unheated. According to what I have read it seemed to be a good place. It continually was dying. In fact, now, a year later, it is still in the slow anguishing process of dying. In the summer it surprised everyone by putting out three or four gorgeous, beautiful-smelling blooms...and I thought HURRAH! IT LIVES! But then again the decline resumed. It is forever looking on the mend and dying at the same time. I try to pick off the brownest leaves, and it keeps making blossom buds which look very promising and then they die, turn brown and give up before opening. It is UNBELIEVABLY frustrating. (I am surprised I haven't writen about it sooner. )

Can anyone give me a "survival guide" for this plant? Or a "resuscitation guide"?

When it blooms it is heavenly. But this prolonged dying is tragic.

[dunno] [Frown] [scaredy]

by njoynit on March 11, 2004 08:11 PM
maybe this will help.I can't help much cause I can grow mine in ground outdoors.could possibly be soil issue.

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