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Help me, My pregnant onion is sick.

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by Randi on July 08, 2006 04:15 PM
I have a pregnant onion that is dwindling into nothingness. When I got her she was big and green and had tons of babies. Now, she's this scrawny, anorexic, bug infested little wretch of a house plant. I'm so sad to see her so withered and squishy. [tears]

I re-potted her and she did fine for the first little while and then she just started getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Now she looks like rotten, wilted celery in a pot.

I've tried bug spray but she has negative reactions to it. The pot doesn't have very good drainage so she's wet a lot of the time. Do you think she has root rot? In any case, there's still a ton of little tiny white bugs that just won't go away.

We've noticed that the babies don't come out of the top of her any more. They all come out of the bottom and eventually try to uproot her, so we have to clear them out every once in a while.

Help me!! What do I do? I love this plant more than any of my other plants and I don't want her to die.

by margaret e. pell on July 08, 2006 05:19 PM
Less water to start with. "The pot doesn't have very good drainage so she's wet a lot of the time." This is a problem, perhaps your major problem. Put it in an unglazed terracotta pot with fast draining soil and let it get dry between waterings. Now for the bugs. If they fly, they are probably white-flies. If they just sit there and suck, they're mealies, which is most likely. There's tons of info here about how to deal with them, and you have to deal with them if you have other plants, because they will spread. Search at the top of all pages for mealies or mealy bugs, and best of luck to you!

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