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Aquatic plants (again)

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by Sorathien on June 21, 2006 01:08 PM
i've made a lot of changes to my fish tank, so i thought i'd just share with everyone.

here are a few progression pics of the tank since it started.

not sure of the date on this one, but its from the day i first set it up.


a couple weeks later (i think) lol




05-06-06: rearanged the plants to be in groups, rather than spread out, and moved the driftwood focalpoint to follow the "golden equation"


5-27-06: here i had a bout of algae and had to cut stuff back


6-17-06: mostly beat back the algae. removed the heavy chunk of driftwood and replaced it with some branches from my maple tree.

by gardeningmomma on June 21, 2006 03:22 PM
Looks good!
by afgreyparrot on June 21, 2006 03:53 PM
That is so awesome.
What is the stuff growing up through the bottom that looks like grass?
(I guess you can tell I don't have an aquarium!)
It looks so nice!

* * * *
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by Sorathien on June 21, 2006 04:33 PM
its dwarf hairgrass, [Razz] that was a pain to plant. it comes in a pot in a big clump. its actually about 100 little bitty plants all stuck together on runners. i had to break them each appart and press them into the sand with tweezers. took about an hour and a half and i was soaked.

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