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wilting Zebra plants

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by Myrna on June 18, 2006 02:09 PM
hi [wavey] All,
Well I have wanted a Zebra plant for the longest time and I finally found 2 in the store here. So I bought them [clappy] , well when I first brought them home they were doing fine they were in a window that gets sun from about 1-5pm and I kept them moist. Than I thought i would put them outside on my front porch after reading online that they liked morning and late afternoon sun. [thinker] I don't know if maybe the sun was more direct than I realized but now matter how much I water them they wilt. [Eek!] I have finally brought them back into the house and will put them back where they were in the beginning. However someone recommended that I repot them. I have not had them for 2 weeks yet and I am afraid it maybe too soon. How ever they are pretty root bound, and are requiring alot of watering. I want them to flower ( they have not yet) so I do not want to keep stressing the plant out with the constant wilting. Help please! [dunno] I love Zebra plants I think they are stunning.

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Myrna R

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by Star Dancer on August 18, 2006 10:46 PM
If you have not already repotted, I suggest you not unless you absolutely have to. Zebras need to be potbound to set flower buds in late summer, early fall. If you can tolerate watering frequently, leaving it in its small pot will be your best bet for flowers this year.

The plant started wilting after you put it outdoors? It may be that the sun was too hot. Zebras like some sun indoors where the sun isn't as strong. If it doesn't perk up after watering, the wilting might be caused by something else, such as root rot.

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