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picture of my palm tree

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by honeybee50_1955 on June 18, 2006 01:02 PM
Well am gonna try this again...
my palm tree

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live for the day for you never know what tomorrow holds.
by joclyn on June 18, 2006 04:43 PM
silly me! if i'd just looked down the list of current posts, i'd have seen, i stopped by the other threads and posted in each one...

okay. so it IS the same one that dave posted a pic of.

did you start seeing problems with it AFTER you repotted it? and was it in a different type of pot before?

i think the main problem is that the soil is drying out too quickly in the unglazed pot. these types of palms really like the soil to stay evenly moist - not too wet and you definitely don't want them to dry out.

since it's been a year, it would be safe to repot it once again. i would definitely put it something that is glazed. you might also want to try an 'african violet' self-watering pot.

the self-watering pots consist of two pieces - one unglazed and one glazed. the soil goes in the unglazed portion and that sits inside the glazed portion - which is where you put the water. the water leeches through the unglazed pot to the soil and will keep it moist all the time (you never need to water from the top).

altho these pots were designed for av's, i've had success when using them with other types of plants that also need consistant moisture levels.

whether you opt for the av pot or not, please keep it consistantly moist (not overly wet). if using a regular pot, make sure to do deep waterings so that the soil is moist more than just at the top layer. it should bounce back just fine if you give it some extra care for the next month or so.
by honeybee50_1955 on June 20, 2006 01:11 AM
Joclyn thanks so much for all the wonderful information...i plan on applying all of them...i want my plant to be happy and grow ...before this pot that it was in it was in a planter with many other plants and flowers...i hope i will be more happy in the kind of pot you suggested...have a great day...

* * * *
live for the day for you never know what tomorrow holds.
by joclyn on June 20, 2006 05:44 AM
you're quite welcome !! it's a lovely palm and i'm sure it will do quite well after you repot it...

post another pic in a month or so, so that we can see how it's doing [Smile]

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