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Gardening Reference » Gardening in 2004
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by Aurorastreams on January 17, 2004 11:54 PM
Hello everyone, I live in Whitehorse, Yukon, and am up to my ears in snow and cold right now, which is why I came looking for a gardening place! [Smile]

I have a question about boston ferns, mine is about 5 years old, and is kinda sad right now due to lack of light, how do I go about cleaning out the 'thatch" that is in the plant, or should I even worry about it?

by plants 'n pots on January 18, 2004 12:57 AM
[wayey] [flower] WELCOME AURORA!!! [flower] [wayey]

I don't have the answer to your question, but did want to welcome you.

I've been through your neck of the woods - 28 years ago!!! Can't believe it was that long ago!!! [Frown] A girlfriend from college called me in NY, asked me to drive up to Alaska with her from Santa Barbara, California. I had never been to either place, and was fresh out of college without a job, so I figured, why not??? We drove up the coast all the way til the Alaska highway and continued on up. Of course, the highway was NOT paved in those days - I've heard it has been since! [thumb]

I met my husband in Alaska - he's from NJ (go figure!). I love the name you chose for this website - I miss the auroras! We were supposed to have some rare ones here recently, but of course the sky was cloudy that nite. I also miss the mid-night sun - what a blast that was - playing volleyball outside at 2a.m. and not noticing the time...

Please tell us some more about yourself? What kinds of gardens do you have in the all night sun? Have you lived there all your life? Ever get to the lower 48?

You brought back some wonderful memories for me. Looking forward to hearing more about you!

* * * *
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by Phil and Laura on January 18, 2004 01:33 AM
welcome to the club Aurora, Boston ferns like humidity, do ya heat with wood? [wayey]

by Phil and Laura on January 18, 2004 01:37 AM
Most of the time I can spell...Heat!! [nutz] [grin]
by Jiffymouse on January 18, 2004 02:29 AM
[wayey] Hi Aurorastreams [wayey] cool name. welcome to the garden helper! I am glad you found us, and there are folks who will know your answer. In fact, we have several canadian gardeners, including one of the hostesses, flower. I am going to move this post to the houseplant section so that the right folks will see it and answer you, 'cause i don't know [dunno]
enjoy your time with us, and ask away!
by Aurorastreams on January 18, 2004 04:29 AM
Wow! Friendly group! [Smile]

I can usually plant in the first week of June here, any earlier and I run into the risk of frost, "actually that risk is there all year long" makes flower gardens a challenge! I have mostly concentrated on flowers, pansy, lilac, petunia, marigold, all fairly hardy plants, I love lilly of the valley, but I can't get it to grow here.

I don't heat with wood, I actually have a hot water heating system, I know the plant likes humidity, I was just wondering if it needs to be thinned out once in a while? It is really sad right now, not enough light, but it gets better in the spring.

Thanks for the welcome! [Smile]

by Will Creed on January 19, 2004 04:26 AM
Yes, you can remove the dead frond stems. Cut them off close to the soil.
by Aurorastreams on January 22, 2004 04:21 AM
Thanks Will!

I think it needs some serious TLC, but I have to wait a bit, or get a really decent grow light, one of the two!

The days are slowly getting longer, I just have to be patient!


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