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Lace Cap Hydrangeas

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by dcamp on October 04, 2005 04:32 AM
I planted 2 LCH's last summer (2004). They bloomed beautifully. This summer they did nothing. They didn't die, but didn't grow any larger and they never bloomed. Could it be where they are planted? I live in Zone 5. They are in a spot that receives morning sun and shade for the remainder of the day. They were so beautiful last summer. I would like to plant them where they will bloom again. If I do transplant, when is the best time to do it? Thank you. Donna

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by slredmond on October 04, 2005 10:43 PM
Donna -
My 2004 pink lace cap is in the same situation - some morning sun then afternoon shade, Zone 5, and it bloomed just fine this year (still at it, in fact). Hopefully someone else will have some pointers about fertilizing, etc.

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Sandy R.
by dcamp on October 07, 2005 06:23 AM
I was reading, and kind of giggling, at the post by Toasty who was looking for a good gardening site. She really took some friendly slams from the other members. However, I'm wondering (just a little) if this truly is the best gardening site on the web, why oh why doesn't anyone have any advice for me about my lace cap hydrangeas? Slredmond was kind enough to reply, but she didn't have any answers for me. Anybody?????

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by Jiffymouse on October 07, 2005 09:58 AM
donna, sometimes, even the experts are stumped on why a plant doesn't do what it is supposed to do. it is kind of like when you go to a dr. and they can't quite decide if you have allergies or a cold. same thing. also, just like dr.'s, there are always more than one school of thought on what is happening and what is the "best" way to deal with something.

now, i am not even close to an expert. but, if it is really bothering you, and you can't figure it out by researching the web, i would call the local extension office (usually called "county extension services") and ask to speak to either the extension agent, or a local master gardener. they will be familiar with the quirks of the weather and anything else that might have discouraged blooms.

that said. i do know from experience that sometimes a plant like a hydrangea, just won't bloom like it is supposed to for no appearant reason other than that plant is taking that season off.

hope i have given you some ideas. sorry i can't be of more help.

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