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damaged rubber plant

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by jery on May 03, 2006 06:45 AM
i have an old rubber plant that grew all winter but stretched hard for light. on april the second i placed it outside for the summer. i did this early so that it would not suffer sun burn. it did anyway and was also torn to shreds by three days of cold wind. it looks awful. i am going to prune it after it starts to regrow. how far should i prune her back? i love that plant and do not want to simply destroy it.can someone advise me?
by joclyn on May 03, 2006 08:12 AM
first, i'd take it in again!! we've been getting frost here in're not that far away so i'm sure it's been getting pretty chilly at night there...

i don't know what to suggest for pruning (mine hasn't done much growing yet, so i've not had need to do any).

maybe just top it off and root those pieces?

can you post a pic? that would be helpful!!
by margaret e. pell on May 03, 2006 06:04 PM
I don't know much about rubber trees, other than they like it warm, but maybe it would be good to prune it before it starts regrowing so the new growth is where you want it and not at the end of a straggly branch?

* * * *

may God bless the WHOLE world!
by gardenmom32210 on May 04, 2006 11:55 PM
My 5ft tall rubber plant got hit hard by a freeze this winter and it completely died back. I cut it back to 5 inches and now have lush new growth at the bottom [thumb]

For the best results put it in the sunniest spot you can find.

Good Luck!
by Jiffymouse on May 08, 2006 06:51 AM
g-mom is right. you can cut it back to almost nothing and it will be fine!

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