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I Seek PB Soup Recipes!

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by Bess of the Piedmont on October 09, 2003 09:28 PM
Hi! Has anyone ever heard of peanut or peanut butter soup? I had some many, many years ago in a Georgetown restaurant and I've never forgotten it. It was a mellow, cream soup with celery and some other veggies in it and it was filling and yummy, like warm peanut butter!

I found an interesting recipe for Thai peanut soup, which sounds spicy and fun, but I'm still looking for that lovely cream of peanut flavor.

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by Jiffymouse on October 10, 2003 12:24 AM
Bess, I have heard of it and I think I may have a recipe. I'll look and see.
by on October 10, 2003 12:26 AM
Hi Bess, Did a search on Google and came up with thousands of recipes. I have included a link that might be one of the better soun ding ones that I found. I myself don't like peanut butter soup but that is just me. Alot of people love it. Anyway, here it is. Fancy Peanut Soup Recipe from The Honorable John D. Rockefeller IV, United States Senator from the State of West Virginia.
by Bess of the Piedmont on October 10, 2003 08:13 PM
Thank you, Largelady! That looks like a good one. I printed it out. You're a sweetie!

Jiffymouse- if you find yours, I'd still be interested in seeing it!
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