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Aechmea fasciata

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by ilentodd on April 17, 2006 03:46 AM
I have a question about my Aechmea fasciata. I am keeping it indoors with indirect sunlight. I used to put water between the leaves, but someone told me not to since it was an indoor plant, it will develop root rot. I noticed that the leaves have lots of the chalky white powdery stuff on it. Should I wipe the leaves? Should I put water in the center cup even though my plant is kept indoors?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

by bettyboop1948 on April 17, 2006 04:12 AM
Hi ilentodd, [wavey]
Is the other name for ur plant a Bromeliad
If so it will do good to wash the leave clean and healthy by showering with tepid water ,Keep the vase are cup formed in center of each filled with fresh water. Once a week turn the plant upside down over a pail are sink to drain. [thumb]
So Good luck
bettyboop1948 [flower]
by ilentodd on April 17, 2006 05:54 AM
Thanks so much for responding. The other name to my plant is a Primera. It blooms a pink flower in the middle.

I will wash the leaves and add water to the middle cup.

Thanks again for the advice,
by Aaron D on April 22, 2006 03:01 AM
follow bettyboops advice makesure not to wash the leaves TOO hard, for you will scrape all the water absorbing scales off the leaves (these are the white chalky looking stripes that give the leaves a banded apperance)... fresh water will do great for this plant but an occasional misting with any contact suface fungicide will prevent mold from growing in the crown of the aechmea... spray deep into the individual leaf cups and along the base of the plant and on the potting medium... allow to dry and resume regular watering... and fungus will kill it very quickly...
by ilentodd on April 22, 2006 05:34 AM
Thanks for explaining to me what the white powder was. I cleaned some of the white chalky powder off the leaves but left several of it on the leaves. It was covered all over the leaves. Hopefully, I don't kill it. I will try the surface fungicide. I don't know really anything about plants, but I am happy to say that my Peace Lily and Majesty Palm are doing great. Indoor plants bring so much beauty and tranquility to my house. I really enjoy having the plants.

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