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My Gardenia Needs Help

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by Dawn on November 23, 2002 03:17 AM
Can anyone offer some advice? I have a gardenia that I keep indoors. It has been growing beautifully however, yesterday I noticed that an entire branch of leaves have wilted. I realized I had not watered it in about a week. I thoroughly watered it but this morning the leaves remain unchanged. Will this branch of leaves revive itself or do I need to cut it off? Or could the plant be root bound and need to be repotted? Currently it's in a pot about 16 inches in diameter and it's pretty large. I have had this plant for several years (much to my surprise) and have never cut it back to produce a bushier plant. Is that the problem?
by rosie on November 23, 2002 07:22 AM
I would guess that there was an infestation of small mites on that branch that may have spread to other branches now.....cut off that branch.....examine other branches, especially at joints...I have found that Schultz Expert Insect Spray is good for controlling House plants insects. Also I think you should consider transplanting the gardenia in the spring. Rosie
by Will Creed on November 23, 2002 05:02 PM
It is odd that only a single branch has wilted. Perhaps that stem was damaged close to the base. If it hasn't perked up within 24 hours of watering, then it is best to prune it off and hoipe that this same problem does not show up elsewhere on the plant.

A 16" pot is very large for an indoor gardenia, so I don't think repotting is appropriate. Allowing the soil to become dry is a problem, however, and should be avoided.

Spider mites leave a mottled apearance on the leaves, but don't cause wilting.

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