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by preciousgreenfingers on April 07, 2006 04:52 AM
Is it advisable to grow herbaceous foliage plants like oxalis in pots containing tall plants like dracaena to hide the soil?
by margaret e. pell on April 07, 2006 05:21 AM
Plants never grow as a single specimen in bare soil in nature, but you have to know your plants before you mix them. Oxalis like a bone dry dormancy period that won't suit a dracaena. Maybe one of the small philodendrons would offer a nice contrast to the drac. Personally, I don't ever companion plant with anything that has a dormancy requirement. The sleeping ones are never content with the needs of the awake one, and two different species never wake up at the same time. Anyway, oxalis, when it gets what it wants, isn't just foliage, the flowers are beautiful!

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