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Desert Rose

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by Ty on November 15, 2004 10:06 PM
My desert rose is about ready to bloom again but
I am noticing a lot of yellow leaves appearing on the plant. Anyone have a clue as to the cause
and/or remedy for same. Thanks
by njoynit on November 20, 2004 02:31 AM
I've wanted to grow one of these.I Can tell ya what I do know about them.........they do normally loose their leaves about now cause lose them in winter when goes semi dormant.when start to loose leaves is when you back off on watering& like well draining soil.It may just be going dormant.BUT sometimes uses all sources up in flowering and the leaves will turn of my burgs does this too me.It swears I starve it.

I'm curious about your plant.
1# how ya growing it?in ground?in container?
2#how long ya had it?how much has it grown?slow grower?fast grower?
3#ever thought of shareing a cutting?If ya do please think of me.
I seen one of these growing at the mexican resturant here.they said no to a cutting [tears] they have in a container under awening thing.their plant is in bad need of fresh soil.I've not seen it bloom.What color are your blooms?ever had it set seeds?
cuz thinks you had a cold night and did not water it& the leaves fell off.I told him we haven't had cold nights lately,but had a wet one recently.

hope I helped.

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