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New Guinea Impatients

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by Mrsdew-Tracey on August 28, 2005 09:09 AM
I live in zone 6 and here NG impatiens are an annual.

Has anyone tried to bring them in in the winter time?

I cant bear to see these go they are so gorgeous.

by tkhooper on September 01, 2005 04:58 AM
I tried it with the royal impatience in zone five a few years ago. It didn't work. Good luck.
by Nako on September 01, 2005 08:27 PM
impatians are a true annual, so no matter what you do, they will get leggy and die. I have heard stories about people getting them to live for 2 years though ^.^ so good luck!

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by obywan59 on September 01, 2005 10:17 PM
I successfully overwintered some New Guineas a couple of years ago. I rigged up a frame to hold some fluorescent lights and set the lights so they were an inch or two above the top of the foliage. The main problem was with aphids. You have to watch close and keep them sprayed with Safer's soap to keep ahead of them. The following year I didn't bother with the lights. My mom agreed to take them and put them in her sun room at a tall south facing window. Again, there were aphids, but the plants overwintered fine. I decided not to bother with them the next fall so the frost finally got them, but they were 2 1/2 years old! They are not really annuals, but tender perennials that we treat like annuals.

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