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morning glories do not bloom

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by Ben Lamfers on August 28, 2005 06:38 AM
I planted 4 morning glories about 40 days ago.

2 are planted on a chain link fence. 1 of these 2 blooms, the other does not. It does not even have buds.

2 are planted on a trellis. One of these blooms the other does not. It does not even have buds.

Is there anyone out there that can tell me why. Yes I look the first thing in the morning.

PS: One of the morning glories holds its flowers all day in sun-shine.

I love morning glories and I want to master this problem.

Ben Lamfers
by loz on August 28, 2005 08:34 AM
Hi Ben, I'm moving your post to the plants and flowers section where it will get more replies....

Thanks for joining us.

by Tamara from Minnesota on August 28, 2005 08:49 AM
I have had problems growing morning glories in certain spots too. They like poor soil and lots of sun. They don't like to bloom in my garden as the soil is too rich. They bloom really well at my church flower bed since I have poor soil in there. They do not like fertilizer either. make sure nothing is around them that is making some get too many nutrients. This also goes for nasturtiums too.

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