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Help my asters!!

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by coneflower on August 16, 2005 10:28 AM
Have noticed that my perennial asters are turning brown from the ground upward. Don't see any signs of pest damage. This has happened in previous years. Aster plants are 18" tall and in great shape, and suddenly start to turn brown. All other plants in the perennial bed are fine, so it's not lack of water. This occurs to all of my asters in several different flowerbeds. Any ideas? Thank you!
by MaryReboakly on August 16, 2005 12:00 PM
Hi! welcome to the forum [Smile] I found some information about your asters:

Diseases caused by Nematodes:

Foliar nematodes, Aphelenchoides spp.
These plant-parasitic worms attack virtually all plant parts and may cause leaf lesions, yellowing, necrosis and leaf drop, and bud malformation. Lower leaves first show brown wedge-shaped areas between the veins which eventually involve the entire leaf. Discoloration then progresses from the bottom to the top of the plant. The nematodes live and move in water films.

Reducing leaf moisture and removal of infected tissues, debris, or plants is important.

This is the website I found that information on - I hope it helps! [Smile]

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