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grapefruit tree 8 years old?????

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by sweetie1960 on February 28, 2006 11:50 AM
Hi about 8 years ago, give or take, my husbands boss sent Holiday Baskets to the clients in their construction company. Later that day I opened a grapefruit, and found a seed already growing, I soaked the seedling in warm water over night and it started to sprout. I now have a grapefruit tree that will be about 6 feet high, it is in a large pot but must be re-potted in the spring. I usually bring the plant out gradually in the spring to acclimate it an then go the whole summer leaving it out of doors. Is there any chance that this tree will bloom? It has a nice array of leaves, when i get a chance I will put a picture of it on this website.


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by DowntoEarth on February 28, 2006 12:36 PM
[wavey] Hi,

I don't know first hand, I have two citrus trees already started, probably grafted " miniature orange & lemon tree"
On this site (Smith & Hawkins) that had different questions from people, this is one of the questions...

About eight years ago, I planted a grapefruit seed. It sprouted and continued to grow to about seven feet tall. Although it looks healthy, it has never produced a flower or fruit. I feed it regularly and prune it occasionally. I bring it indoors during the winter. How can I help this tree to produce fruit?
?Tom Custance, New England

Answer: Your experience is normal: citrus grown from seed (as opposed to propagation through grafting) take much longer to bloom and fruit. In fact, expect to wait ten or more years before you see a flower. Here are two pieces of good news, though. First off, with eight years behind you, you don?t have much longer to wait. Secondly, your ability to keep it alive and happy means that your thumbs are seriously green (since citrus trees can be challenging, especially in your climate where six or more months of indoor growing is essential). So just continue your excellent care regime; eventually, it will lead to halved grapefruits for breakfast.

Susan [Wink]
by sweetie1960 on March 01, 2006 06:42 AM
Thanks Susan

Have a great day.

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