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Pots without drain holes

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by mapache on October 29, 2002 10:03 PM
I was curious, how long should I wait between waterings to water my plant that doesn't have drain holes in the pot. I have rocks at the bottom of each plant pot, but I'm always worried about over watering. If the soil looks dry I water it. Do you think what I'm doing is alright or should I mark on my calender days to water those specific pots?

Thanks in advanced,

by Will Creed on October 30, 2002 04:45 PM
Hi Mapache,

Using pots without drainage holes is never a good idea. The drainage material in the bottom doesn't really help anything.

As you have discovered, there is no way to be sure when you have added enough water because the excess doesn't run out, it just collects in the bottom of the pot. If you add a bit too much each time you water, then eventually the water will rise high enough to rot the roots. If you are cautious and add too little each time, then the lower roots will die from lack of water.

Even if you were to provide exactly the right amount of water each time, there is still the problem of toxic gases building up in the bottom of the pot becaue they have no where to go.

As you can see, using drainless pots is a very risky proposition that may work for a while, but eventually will lead to the premature death of your plant.

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by mapache on October 30, 2002 06:26 PM
Thanks, Will. I make sure to put holes in the bottom of those pots or change them to pots with holes! Thank you so much!


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