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braided money tree/pachira

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by ms.wendy on September 21, 2005 08:15 AM
My money tree is in need of braiding and I have no idea what technique to use , or even how to braid it. I have looked all over the internet, and in all kinds of books and cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to braid the money tree. It looks like it is growing downward like weeping limbs and it doesn't look like it will hold up much longer in the container. I need help, and any will be greatly appreciated.
by princessazlea on September 21, 2005 07:15 PM
Hi ms.wendy
Welcome to the forum
Nice to meet you. [wayey]
I am sorry I can't help you with your question, but someone else will come along and help you out. [thumb]

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by Ltaniea on September 23, 2005 11:48 PM
Hi Wendy,
I am brand new to the forum as of about 10 seconds ago and I stumbled upon your question. Although I am not master green thumb by far, I might be able to help. I have a money tree that is only about 2 feet high right now. What I have done is put a twist tie around the stems at about where the braiding stops, and then every now and then I coax the stems further around each other, sometimes only a very tiny little bit. But the twist tie holds them in place, so that a couple weeks later, when I go to move it again, they are gradually coaxed into a braid. Can't promise this is the "right" way to do it, but it seems to be working for me so far.

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by papito on September 24, 2005 10:09 AM
I don't have Pachira Aquatica, but i do have Ficus B. that I braided like long hair. Anyway, here's what I found in the'net.

from the site:

But instead of let them grow very tall. We found that its trunk are flexible enough to be braided together using special technique. Using five young Pachira manually braided together. Put them in the pot and watering them appropriately. After approx 10 months you get what you see in the picture below. An exotic pot plant.
[See pictures of braided Money Tree.]

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by weezie13 on September 25, 2005 10:23 AM
Hi, and Welcome to The Garden Helper's Forum!!
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I just wanted to let you know I was going to
move your post into the HOUSE PLANT SECTION..
I'm sure you'll get a few more response's
to your post, however, you've gotten some good
responses' already..

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by Merlin on April 18, 2006 01:42 AM
I am new here as well. I didnt want to start another money tree post so I figured I would just tag along on this one...

My tree is getting pretty big, about 2 1/2 feet now. Id like to continue the braid as well. My question is this...can I take off good leaves in order to free up some room to braid. There is no way to manipulate the trunks with so many braches on it. Or do I wait for those to fall off and gradually do the twist tie thing? Any advice is appreciated.


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