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bird of paradise won't bloom

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by libby on July 27, 2005 12:34 PM
I have had 4 bird of paradise plants in my garden for about 8 years and only one blooms. They are all healthy looking. What can I do? [wayey]
by afgreyparrot on July 27, 2005 09:01 PM
Hmmm...I don't have one, but found some info on them for you that might help.

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Bird Of Paradise


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by libby on July 28, 2005 10:58 AM
Thanks so much for your information. I am going to buy some bone meal and fertilize more often. Lets see what happens. Thanks again.

by Pamela Joy on July 31, 2005 04:40 AM
I used to have Strelitzia plants in my Cape Town garden when I lived there, and I did nothing special to them, they just bloomed in spring every year. Now in Spain I have two large plants in a big pot, they like to be pot bound I believe. I had 3 blooms this year in Spring, I feed every week with general fertilizer,in summer and water every other day as it is very hot and dry now. So far so good.
My sister grew 3 plants from seed in UK, indoors, and they bloomed after 10 years!!!! Good luck with yours the blooms are worth the wait.
by atreus on August 05, 2005 06:48 AM
Much patience and much food, thats the key with strelitzia. And plenty of water while they are leafing.

Unfortunately I live in the UK and mine are still very young, only six years. In a cool summer they will produce only a few leaves even!

If you want to grow strelitzias then make it worth your while and go for the really good ones.

Everyone has had a go at S. reginae, the orange and blue one, get S. nicolai, the giant Strelitzia, it has almost black flower bracts and pure white petals.

Stunning [Smile]

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