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by ladystressout on September 15, 2004 08:16 PM
I received a camellia start from another gardener last year and though the plant is not dead it is a very slow grower? I had it outside and did ok but knowing it could not take the cold winter that I get here in Ohio I decided to bring it indoors! What care can I give it to grow more? It does not like full sun,some says it like to be moist? And other says it like cool temperatures? I really would like to get this to grow and not to die for me so any help would be great!! Thank you Rita
by njoynit on September 17, 2004 07:26 PM
I grow one& know about them.
You can grow overwinter in garage.they just don't take temps below25 or so ,but also depends which kind you have.They bloom different times too.Mine blooms during winter Dec-April.Its shaded and under trees which protects it more from frost though I don't really get too much of that,but it makes my flowers drop that are open all the way,unless hose off with water b4 sun hits.

What size container you have it in now?
what type soil mix?

I'd grow it on the north side of house durring need acidic soil mix like azealias& add some murshrrom compost to that& azalia/camillia fertilizer and is some time release pellets.I'd know the name If knew where bag was,its orange.I toss it on mine every 3 months& I mulch with pine straw,but mines in ground,you can still mulch to help and you'd have to water more.I deep water once a month eceept july& aug& I top dress with cow manure spring& fall..after blooms and in july when buds get ready to set.
I looked in my book.If you want some to grow in ground for your area are some hybrids.they bloom in fall.
C.oleifera~withstand temps to -15 with protection(under trees near house,mulched about 9 inches)3 1/2-4 inn flowers.
polar ice
Snow flurry
winters charm
winters dream
winters fire
winters star
winters water lilly

pink icecile a C japonica early spring
April bloomers a lil more cold hardy,but don't state how much more hardy.
April Blush
April dawn
April remebered
April rose
April Snow
April Tryst

Are breed by 2 guys from washington DC and carolinas.
LMK hows growing

* * * *
I will age ungracefully until I become an old woman in a small garden..doing whatever the Hell I want!
by ladystressout on September 19, 2004 06:17 PM
Njoynit do they like to have moist soil? I got my planted in mircle gro potting soil in a flower pot indoors! It gets to cold here for them in the winter time? But I can take it outside for the cooler temperatures? I can give it some coffee grounds also. So thank you I have never grew them before and they are so pretty! Do they grow slowly?Thank you for answering my post and take care and hope you get to enjoy the day bye Rita
by Bestofour on September 19, 2004 07:07 PM
I live in the South too. I have 4 camellias, one is blooming now. I have them planted everywhere but the north of my house because I have too many oak trees on the north. They wouldn't get any sun. But they are all in protected areas, meaning not right out in the open. They are set back in corners where there is some shade and cool, but can also get some sun.

Mine don't seem to be what I consider slow growers. I'm constantly pruning them back. I'm not sure about having one in a pot but I never water mine. The water they get is from the rain.

They also get very big. Maybe you're type won't. I couldn't bring mine in and out all the time. They are 8-9 feet tall.

Hopefully someone in colder temps will respond and give you better advice for your area.

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by loz on September 20, 2004 06:38 AM
I myself have a camellia, and I'm in zone is the kind that is supposed to be hardy I think......some of them are hardy down to around -10 degrees.....I'm going to have to wait and see how it does here this year(it hasn't been through a winter yet) far it looks healthy, it's a camellia sasanqua....keeping my fingers crossed that yours does okay.....oh by the way, I bought mine months ago and the leaves are healthy and shiny but it really hasn't grown much at all......not even noticeable growth really....
by ladystressout on September 20, 2004 08:01 PM
Loz you got to tell me how yours does? This is mine first time growing them so I got mine indoors and it also is growing real slow but the flowers that I have seen in books are so pretty! Should I keep the soil moist? It has a new leaf on it but it is small and I keep it out of direct sunlight.It like the cool temperature? I can put it outdoors right now if that is the case? You know since you are in zone 6 which is where I live also the night temperatures has been cool here? Many thanks for the advice about how slow it grows will keep in contact with you since you are growing them so well it seems?Bye Rita
by loz on September 20, 2004 07:46 PM
Rita, I'll keep you updated on mine....hopefully it pulls though the winter looks so shiny and healthy now I'd hate to see it die....

Okay my info tells me this

What Camellias Need...

Soil:Well Drained soil rich in organic material. Don't plant so trunk base is below soil line, and don't let soil cover base. Keep mulch 2 inches thick to cool roots but keep it away from base.

Watering: They appreciate regular watering as long as drainage is good.....older plants can survive fairly well on little supplemental moisture......

Fertilizing: Be sure not to overfertilize, but use a good acidic plant food.

Shelter: Protect plants from strong, hot sun and drying winds.

Pruning: Some pruning right after flowering or during summer and fall will improve appearance and next years flower display.

Camellias in containers: They make outstanding container plants in wooden tubs and half barrels...........try to plant gallon size camellias in 12-14 inch wide tubs......5 gallon ones into 16-18 inch tubs.

One of the biggest diseases is camellia petal can rapidly turn an ugly brown.......browning at edges of petals may be caused by sun or wind, but if brown rapidly runs into center of flower it is probably petal bright....sanitation is the best control.....if this occurs remove all fallen petals and leaves and replace mulch.....

If mine flowers at all I'll be sure to post some pictures.....I'm crossing my fingers that it does..... [Smile]
by ladystressout on September 21, 2004 05:57 PM
Thank you for all the information and I sure will keep my fingers cross that it will grow so good for you! I did check on Daves Garden that yours are not hardy in zone 6 but if you mulch it I think it may make it through the winter? Bye gardening buddy Rita
by loz on September 22, 2004 06:50 AM
I hope yours continue to grow well too......I hope mine makes it this winter....I have it heavily mulched and there is a shed behind it that is somewhat protecting it from winds.....I guess we'll just have to wait and see.....keep me updated with yours....

laura [wayey]

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