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Newbie with banana problems!!!

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by rnc069 on July 22, 2005 10:46 AM
Greetings! I live in Southern IN (zone a) and received 6 banana trees last spring. With good luck, I ended up with 21 trees. Before the first frost, I took them out, wrapped the roots in trash bags with a little soil and put them it my outside room. I kept the heat on to keep my washer from freezing and cut off most of the lower leaves (to save space). They were in there almost 6 months. Spring rolls around, the sun comes out and I pop a few beers. Long story short: I did'nt dig the holes big enough, I added no sand to the soil, I did'nt even plant them straight! So I am down to 7 trees and they are not growing like they did last year. Will the big trees (9 foot tall 6 feet to the bottom branch) sprout leaves closer to the ground? Should I dig the small ones out, add sand and peat, and replant trees? Should I not cut the leaves off in the fall when I dig them out (to save moisture?). Any secrets to get healthy trees? Any info helps. Thanks for reading!
by mike57 on July 25, 2005 03:33 PM
HI [wayey] rnc069 I just dig mine up after the first frost and wash all the soil off the roots do not put them in a bag they might mold on you.i cut all the leafs off at the top of the stalk of mine and store them in a heated place in cardboard boxes.I all ways dig the hole bigger and deeper than the root ball so the trees will have loose dirt to spread its roots and water them a lot the new leafs will start to grow in a couple of weeks from the top of the stalks keep them wet they should put on babys from the roots then can be separated when you dig them up.i do not add sand or peat moss just good top soil just dig about a foot around from where the center of the plant will be to make a larger hole before you plant.i would dig them up and separate the small ones then replant making the holes larger and deeper then water soke them twice a week till you get new growth on them then just soke them one time a week after that.hope this helps and good luck with your banana trees.your friend in gardening.mike57 [wayey] [flower] [flower]

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