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How far back can I prune?

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by mgrammas on September 03, 2004 09:23 PM
I have a few neele leaf evergreen bushes that were quite overgrown, and "accidentally" got trimmed back a bit too far. Now, when viewed from the front, there's not much green to be seen. They are still too big (height and width) for where they stand - in front of a picture window.

Can I cut these things all the way back to the bare branches, hoping for new growth to sprout? If so, what time of year is best for that?


by Jiffymouse on September 04, 2004 02:38 AM
mike, i can't say for sure about how it is in your zone... but some years ago, i had a hedge of that stuff... it had been let grow out of control for several years. i cut it back to the bare trunks (only on one side though, that is another story) and within one season, it looked MUCH better than it did before i got "prune happy". mine was 20 ft tall and abot as wide when i started, and like i said, back to the bare trunks...

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