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Aconitum joy

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by atreus on July 14, 2005 01:03 AM
I just found out that the Aconitums in my garden are not the standard napellus jobbers, they are the original A. Anglicum plant. Which is now so rare in the UK.

Really, really happy [Smile]

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by MaryReboakly on July 14, 2005 12:13 PM
Hi Atreus! i don't think we've met - welcome to the forum! [Wink] I tried loooking up your A. Anglicum, but couldn't find it exactly. I'm assuming it's a variety of sedum - but I don't know which. I checked out your website - nicely done! Couldn't see it there either though. Oh, and I love the webcam links - I wouldn't DARE put one up here [Big Grin]

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by atreus on July 15, 2005 03:17 AM
Hi Mary

No, it's not a Sedum.
Its full name is Aconitum Napellus, and it is the Anglicum cultivar. If you enter that into a google search you will find it.

It's really very rare now in UK.

Many cultivars exist as garden planting, but the delphinium group is much more popular now. So people rarely bother with Aconites believing them too poisonous. The funny thing is that Delphiniums apparently are far more poisonous.
For A. Nappellus:

They are all members of the buttercup family [Smile]

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by MaryReboakly on July 15, 2005 09:38 AM
Wow those are NICE! Never saw them before...very cool - congrats for having them in your garden - I take it you didn't put them there. Were they volunteers that just popped up or are you new to that house?

* * * *
by atreus on July 16, 2005 02:20 AM
No, they are a colony that was planted by the old lady that lived in this house before me, that was about thirty years ago. It's a fairly old colony [Smile]

They are really beautiful, but tend to get very leggy, fall over in the rain, get untidy toward their end, and are very poisonous.

Look up wolfsbane on google. Way poisonous.


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