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by floweraddict on June 28, 2005 08:05 PM
About 3 years ago i dug up some gladiolus that were growing in what looked like a former home- site, here in rural SC. It was obvious that they had been there quite a few years. They were in a overgrown grassy area surrounded by large hardwoods. Close by there was a large home being constructed. I got permission from the builder to dig up any wild flower that i wanted. While there, i also dug up some butterfly weed.It too, proved to be a valuable find because the flower turned out to be a deep orange/red color instead of the regular orange like other butterflyweed that i have.
Anyway, i brought the gladiolus home and set them out in 2 places in my garden.I just left them there. They didn't bloom at all that first summer and last summer i was out of town when they bloomed. I finally got to see what they really looked like this year...
Needless to say, i am very amazed at how beautiful they are.
I searched online and found a very, very close match. Its a rare find- called Apricot Lustre, and dated to 1969. The one on the web site that looks like mine was found from a sunny clearing in the deep woods of Maine.

Heirloom glad

Heirloom Gladiolus Bulbs

Whether i have an old plant or not i'm still happy to have it in my garden! It's almost like collecting antiques!

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by pattioh on June 29, 2005 01:29 AM
It's a beauty alright! [thumb] [flower]

Great find!

* * * *
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