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Datura problem!

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by plants 'n pots on August 01, 2004 04:58 PM
This is my first time growing datura. It was doing great - large flower buds developing and I can't wait to see my first flower! But that's the problem... just when the bud looks like it may open really soon, it breaks off!!! I don't know if there is a squirrel breaking them off, or if it's all the heavy rain we've been having of late, but this morning there were 2 more off, which makes a total of 6 large about to open buds so far - at this rate I won't get to see a single flower - waaah!

One of the ones I found today had started to spread open yesterday - it was going to be my first! [Eek!] [tears] And we DID have rain AGAIN overnight... are they getting filled up too much with water and popping off?

Any help? Suggestions?

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by Bestofour on August 02, 2004 04:09 AM
Gardemom sent me some seeds and they didn't come up at all. I don't know if they're tempermental or not but it seems so.

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by njoynit on August 05, 2004 05:14 PM
yes the seeds ARE tempermental.
I had some not sprout too..they turned black/brown.wellI DO think one seed sprouted out of 50.
I nick um.
I soak um in hot water(nuke coffee cup water 2 minutes drop seeds in)
I paper towel sprout.
I toss some where want to grow.
My dauntra plant I have.I'll probably just root the cuttings this 15 ft area I wanted to grow some in....well its still empty...cause of seed issues.Believe it or not.... some seeds Just Won't sprout for me.i have poppy seed issues as well.I can say the fresher seeds sprout better.My dauntra has 14 buds on it right now.Its white.I'll get a pic of iut blooming,but no idea if will have sandisc reader issue resolved.
as to your buds dropping off.have you had any cool temp drops?sometimes in the fall that has happened.or a critter nibbleing.I fertilize mine alot have compost on top of pine straw& I water alot& a month or so ago...I put a scoop of rabbit poo on it and I think He's in heaven now.

And if any of you dauntra folks wander in here.I'd love some fresh seed.white is ok,but would like the purple/white swirll and yellows or any doubles or triples& might even take a cutting this fall.

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by flamingonut on August 17, 2004 11:41 PM
I would assume they're overwatered, but I'm no datura expert. Mine get sun all day and I only water them when everything else needs water. I do have 5 in pots and 2 in the ground. I haven't watered them at all the last week with all the rain we've been getting, but they've been blooming wonderfully.
I had my first datura volunteer last year, and was able to harvest thousands of seeds, and that's not an exaggeration. I was pretty anal about deadheading when the seedheads split, before they reseeded like mad. Considering I did that, a few seeds managed to escape and had reseeded. I also received alot of other datura seeds via trades and had no trouble winter sowing them at all. I didn't nick or soak any of the seeds, just put them in small containers and put outdoors in February. They germinated in April. For 4 of them, 1 out of 5 sprouted. For the last, 4 out of 5 sprouted.

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by gardenmom32210 on August 18, 2004 01:59 PM
I've got lots of white and double-lavender seeds. I'm more than happy to share.

Karen [grin]

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