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by tppc on September 05, 2006 11:12 PM
Hi, everybody,
I have a little garden with grass, in the past 15 days, I, better, my cat, catch 3 snakes, inside de door of garden, I don't think they are dangerous, but I have a baby and don't want them inside my house.
I think they come for the fresh of the grass and keep going for the fresh of the house.
Any suggestion to get ride of that???

* * * *
by Longy on September 07, 2006 05:18 PM
Keep the grass cut short around the house, you possibly have small critters living in the grass like frogs which are food for the snakes and don't leave any rubbish or stuff around for them to hide in or under.
Make a bit of noise when you go into the garden. Snakes don't like noise.
Incidentally, most people who get bitten by snakes are trying to catch or kill them, so leave them alone. It would be good to identify the snakes, so see if you can find a foto of one on the web and call your local wildlife people to see what you need to do about them.

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