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Acorn Squash from Seed

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by tkhooper on October 04, 2006 08:33 PM
This is the information I've been able to accumulate on these plants. Please add or correct the information. Thankyou for your help with my plant profiles. Information about vertical techniques would really be nice on this one.

Soil: 50% compost 50% garden soil, moisture retentive

Soil Temperature: 60 degrees F minimum temperature for germination.

Indoor Planting Time: One month prior to the last frost date for your area.

Outdoor Planting Time: One week after the last frost date for your area.

Water: Keep soil moist.

Planting Depth: 1 inch deep, seeds need dark to germinate.

Plant Spacing: Plant 6 to 8 feet apart on hills with 3 plants per hill.

pH: between 6 and 7

Time to germination: About 10 days

Mulch: Once the vines begin to lengthen mulch with hay, straw or leaves.

Light: Full Sun

Time to maturity: 75 to 90 days depending on type of cultivator.

Special Instructions: When the vines are at least 60 inches in length pinch off the end of the vine to promote side fruit baring growth. In midsummer after the vines have started to fruit remove the additional blooms that won't have time to mature so that the plants energy goes to the fruit.

Companion Plants: radishes, nasturtiums and French or African marigolds.

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by weezie13 on October 04, 2006 09:24 PM
Looks good Tammy..

And they are soooooo yummmy..
So worth the space they take up..

* * * *

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