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Preservig bulbs for planting

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by Apprentice Gardener on July 16, 2006 12:38 AM
G' day all,

I have recently been awarded the opportunity to salvage several bulbs (Madonna Lilies, and an unknown variety of other bulbs). I have also been given permission, from my landlord to help revamp his otherwise neglected garden of weeds and impromptu plantings. I need time to plan the garden I plan on putting in [thinker] (perennial bulbs and plants probably this fall [thumb] ). I plan on planting the beds this later this year but until then I'm not sure what to do with the bulbs that I have harvested [dunno] I suppose what I am wondering is, is there a way of making sure the bulbs that I have harvested stay fresh and viable for planting this fall???

Help on this would be greatly appreciated.
by Jiffymouse on July 16, 2006 02:27 AM
somewhere cool, dry, and dark. in a paper sack, in the basement would be where i'd go with them. you can also put them in the fridge, but not if you have apples in your fridge.

that said, i've left mine in a cardboard box under a cabinet (i have a/c year around) and they did great when i put them out. just depends.

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