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Aloe (Help!)

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by Anjjou72 on December 16, 2006 11:08 PM
Hi I'm Angela and I am new to this forum. I am from Upstate NY, and I am writng about my Aloe plant that I inadvertently left on my indoor porch on a below freezing day. Of course the poor thing froze, and I am concerned that this may kill it. PLEASE tell me there's hope for it! I've had it for about 10 years and it is very big and impressive, although now all of the tips are starting to sag and it's babies have all drooped. Is there anything I can do?

Thanks a lot.
by margaret e. pell on December 17, 2006 01:53 AM
If you've had it for 10 years, you know what to do in general. Continue doing it. Cut off the dead to prevent rot. There's no bringing back frostbitten leaves, but if the roots didn't freeze, the plant will survive. Hello and welcome, to you and your plant(s?)!

* * * *

may God bless the WHOLE world!
by Anjjou72 on December 17, 2006 03:14 AM
Ok, Good. I don't think the roots froze because it wasn't out there long enough. Although I've kept this plant alive for so many years, I've never dealt with freezing it, so I'm kind of unsure as to where to cut it. As far as the big leaves go the damage seems to be on the ends where they appear darker as if water logged. I guess I'll start cutting there. The babies are probably ruined, but hopefully I can save the rest. It was on my porch for probably 8-10 hours in the freezing temps. That would be my luck, the ONE day where it's been the coldest so far!

Thanks for your reply and for welcoming my plants and I!

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