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"Holiday" Cacti

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by Maine-ly Bees on June 10, 2006 04:00 AM
I have five and they all look completely different. Hence "holiday", not sure if they are xmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, ect...

Anyway, they are all healthy and happy but three are in need of repotting. So..... is my question, considering that they are not true cacti is there any particular potting medium I should look into?

I repotted all my African Violets into self-watering pots a while back and read in the instructions that these type of pots were also great for christmas cactus. Anyone try them for that?

That being said would it be too much of a stretch to assume they might do well in AV potting soil?

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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David Wallace
Owner/Operator, Maine-ly Bees
Bowdoinham, Maine
by Jiffymouse on June 10, 2006 12:19 PM
i have mine in regular miracle gro, but i do know folks who have used av soil and also orchid soil since they are actually not cacti at all, but rather epiphytes. (a cousin of the orchid)

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