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Help! I'm killing my mandevilla!

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by katrinaallegra on June 30, 2004 06:13 PM
Sorry for posting this in other places first before finding what I hope is the right place.

I'm a total newbie here, but I'm seeking help for my poor mandevilla plant.

I bought it for my elderly mother for Mother's Day. Briefly, it was beautiful, twining up a wrought iron support for the car port and blooming nicely. Now, it's ratty looking, leaves are brown and/or blotchy, it's losing leaves, and it no longer blossoms. I live in the deep south. The plant is outside in a large container. I feed it with Miracle Grow once every 10 days or so. When it first started looking troubled and puny, I tried Miracid for awhile, but it didn't seem to make a difference. In fact, come to think of it, one of my other Miracid loving plants, a rhododendron, isn't doing well. It was in a container for a while, but I planted it in the ground. Its leaves turn brown.

Please help me rescue these plants--or at least help me to stop harming them! [tears]

Incidentally, we've had a rainier than usual early summmer.

Thanks in advance.
by alankhart on July 02, 2004 02:18 AM
It sounds like a water problem...either too much or too little. Even though you've had a lot of rain, it may not be getting into the pot sufficiently. I water mine almost everyday. Of course it's possible it's too much water. The symptoms are the same. Check it's moisture everyday for a while to see.

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