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Accidental over fertilized

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by aw4flowers on June 07, 2006 05:45 AM
I have several beautiful baskets on my deck that I put together myself. I have been very careful with their watering and I fertilize them once a week with Miracle Grow. I normally mix the fertilizer myself and just use a watering can to fertilize them but I decided to buy their contraption that just hooks on to the hose and try that. I did not like it at all and had no control over where the fertilizer went. A few of my plants are now wilting. I'm sure they got too much fertilizer. Is there anything I can do to save them? I've worked too hard to lose them now.
by Longy on June 07, 2006 07:46 AM
Maybe dumping them in a tub of water and flushing the soil that way. Repeat a few times with fresh water. Throw the water on your gardens. You may have burnt the leaves too so maybe a hose off will help clean them.
I use fish fertilizer on my potted stuff. Seems to be pretty gentle.

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by weezie13 on June 07, 2006 10:38 AM
I really like FISH EMULSION...
*smells a little stinky, but the plants love it*

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by Jiffymouse on June 10, 2006 12:29 PM
and multi-flushing with fresh water will do the trick.

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