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Thistledown's Book - "Tiny Game Hunting"

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by Patty S on May 22, 2006 07:14 AM
Originally posted by thistledown:
(excerpted from Fruits and Vegetables Gardening forum... "Chunks Missing From My Strawberries " topic.)
This book, Tiny Game Hunting, has been a GODSEND! Not only has it helped me identify a lot of bugs in my home and garden, but it's full of environmentally-friendly traps, repellents, and such for everything from aphids and wasps to raccoons and deer!
For sowbugs and pillbugs, it lists two things as major repellents: an onion spray made of 3 onions and 4 cups of water run through the blender then strained, you can spray the plant, or sprinkle it in the earth around the plant..or..sprinkle lime in the vicinity.

I LOVE this book!
It's helping me TONS with our paper-wasps!


OK, now you really have my curiosity up... PLEASE tell me about that, because I want to start dealing with those horrible things BEFORE my book gets here! (I just ordered it online... thanks for the info!)

My Son & Granddaughter are allergic to Yellowjacket & wasp stings, & we've always had to use chemical sprays & bombs to get rid of them.

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by thistledown on May 24, 2006 05:10 PM
Hi! I have the first edition, and I LOVE it!
When I look up wasps, it first mentions that yellowjackets/hornets are the type more likely to get angry and sting. They like low homes. They build nests in old logs, old burrows and the like.

Paperwasps are far more complacent, and generally prefer to fly away rather than sting. They like high homes and build nest under eaves and in trees, etc.

They recommend keeping wasps if at all possible because they are good bug-eaters - but obviously if there are those in your home who are allergic - that's different! Plenty of other predators out there, like bats etc!

First off: all anti-wasping must be done in full protective gear with no skin left exposed! Use duct tape etc! to seal cuffs and collars! Work at night as they will be quiescent.

If it is a ground nest and you live in an area with skunks or raccoons, pour honey near all entrance holes. The animals will tear them up. You can also put overturned bowls over the access holes to starve the colony, but by OBSERVANT and make sure you get ALL the holes. You can also pour large amounts of soap suds down the holes.

It is far more difficult to get rid of established nests that are high. Remember if you go at it with a hose or somesuch, they may try and escape the water through another route - possibly INTO the house. They recommend trying to swat the queen before the colony gets established.

There are several instructions on traps, but I don't know if you are interested - you probably want to get rid of the whole thing.


My parents had paper wasps trying to establish themselves in their eaves. They mixed up a very heavy batch of water and creolin and kept it in a spray bottle. Everytime they were lounging on the patio they would spray every wasp coming and going. Because wasps breathe through their skin, the creolin coated them and suffocated them almost instantly. Then again, they were not allergic. I would send the little one away for a while if you wanted to do something like that.

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