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ivy problem - help suggestions sought

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by drb on June 21, 2004 03:46 AM
I live in an older neighborhood on a hill with ivy covering the hill (about 7 ft high over maybe 6 ft rise) - that I believe is English Ivy (from comparing to photos). Area is about 80' across the front yard and bordered by two trees that cover the ivy on the perimeter. I've lived in the house for 6 years, with the ivy never being a problem. This year we had a heat wave here in the DC area and a large portion of ivy has been burned. This is in a large section maybe 12 across from the top of the hill to the bottom (likely about 10 feet) and another section about 5 feet wide by 10 feet long. The leaves are all dried up like something off a tree in the fall. There is some life at the tips of the ivy runners & one section, small leaf buds are evident. The parts burned are not shaded in the afternoon.

I guess my question is how can I salvage this section? I had a problem with a small section a couple of years ago when an idiot kid decided to use the hill to go sledding - the ivy was damaged, but rebounded - so I'm not going to pull it up prematurely.

I would assume that I should water, try to take some cuttings from other areas, or pin some of the others. Erect some sort of screen to shade the area and most likely NOT remove the leaves as that may help protect any young materials this winter (concerned about this issue). Any other recommendations. Sorry for the long post - but this is most distressing as it seriously detracts from the appearance of the property. Just can't believe that it happened.
by njoynit on June 21, 2004 06:39 AM
english ivy is pretty tough.being is on hill may have been used to solve an erosion problem.if has some signs of life may join the liveing yet again.i moved with one piece of mine and had actually thought it had just wanted out of rose container.i had tossed it on ground and it grew there.have been clearing some from a neighbors yard.I grab some evcvery few weeks and stuff 5 gallon bucket with it and fill it with water and with the temps riseing now roots up faster.I'm filling a shady area that not much grows in with it right old house part of it got sun all day and just grew slower.i left my leaves on them in winter but are mild down here in TX& they always held up to our triple digits of summer.
I'd water the area up and could always spray some root stimulator on the spots with small growth signs.
best of luck

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