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Jasmine Tree about to bloom w/ aphids

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by gardenluvr on April 23, 2006 06:02 AM
I have a jasmine tree about the bloom that has sticky, shiney stuff on the leaves and the sticky stuff is all over the container and unfortunately the carpet surrounding the plant. How can I kill what I think are aphids without loosing the blooms. Thanx
by joclyn on April 23, 2006 09:34 PM
is the sticky, shiny stuff in a blob or is it in a straight line? if it's a straight line, then it sounds like slugs.

aphids tend to congregate at the spots where the new growth is - right where the base of the stem is connected to the main trunk. you can see them too. they're very small and clear but they aren't so small that you need something like a magnifying glass to see them. if you do see them, get some q-tips and dip them in rubbing alcohol and then put it on the'll kill them in no time. you need to make sure you get all of them tho!

if it's slugs, you can get a dish and put some beer in it...they'll climb in and die.

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