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by Thornius on April 02, 2006 02:25 AM
Well, you can now with these Tasco 12X25 binoculars from Walmart in the Sporting Goods section for $17.87. I bought these yesterday and this morning have been looking at Chickadees the size of Great Horned Owls. They hang in a blister pack on the shelves. They will probably tear up in a year or two but at this price you can sure get your money's worth. They are call Tasco 12X25 mm., Essentials Model# 178BCRD. Great for the beginner (or as an extra pair for an old geezer like me).

TASCO 12X25mm Essentials 178BCRD

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A bird in the hand......can sometimes be a mess.
by loz on April 02, 2006 02:39 AM
Good Deal Thorny! [thumb]

I just remembered that I bought Mark a pair a few years ago for Xmas....they're down in his hunting stuff.....I think I'm sneaking down there soon to try and find them. [grin]
by loz on April 02, 2006 02:56 AM
Shoot, I just remembered after I bought Mark those binocs, I bought him a digital camera pair.....I'm gonna go hunt for them! [clappy] [thumb] [grin]
by porter57 on April 02, 2006 03:26 AM
the digital camera binocs are alright but you have to be very careful when taking pics.
just holding them freehand i have found winds up with blurry pics from shaking hands.
at magnification the effect is worse.
maybe use a tripod or monopod to lessen the effect.
by Thornius on April 02, 2006 05:32 AM
The Diginocs are a GREAT idea but the majority of those on the market right now take TERRIBLE pictures (I know. I bought the very first model when they came out a few years ago.) The problem is that most have a separate lense for the camera that will ONLY focus on objects 50 feet or more away, and then the megapixels on the camera part are so low that you basically get a silhouette instead of an identifiable photograph. The exception is Bushnell. They have come up with diginocs that focus through the binocular lenses themselves. They have a popup LCD view screen and use memory cards. The drawback...... they need more light. Yhey are 8X25. An 8X40 or 8X50 would be better...... the Megapixels are vastly improved over the first diginocs, about 2.5 megapixels, but they could stand to be at least 4-5 megapixels or more for REALLY good pictures..... Price. Right now these nocs are about $500.00.

* * * *
A bird in the hand......can sometimes be a mess.
by porter57 on April 02, 2006 02:48 PM
not what i was saying at all
the magnification excerberates your natural handshaking.
must hold the binocs very still to avoid blurry pics.
just as with sharpshooting a rifle,you need a rest to avoid blurry pictures,as with a rifle to hit your target.
even with my film camera with my 300dx lense,
a tripod is neccesary to still the camera when the lens is activated,otherwise a blurry shot is the result,particulary at long range with much magnification.shutter speed is a factor but still the camera must not move when the picture is sure some digicams have high speed
shutter rates but i dont think the pedestrian models are up to that just yet. the ones i used took the pictures thru the binoc lense (in fact ,i havent seen any that didnt).
even so,with my film camera,at long magnification, camera shake is a major factor in coming up with quality pictures.
when i want long shots ,i use a tripod.
by Thornius on April 03, 2006 04:00 AM
My digicam is a simple point-and-shoot and is not powerful enough for a tripod (I do have a tripod and use it for some picture taking. However I am currently planning on and working towards a high-end SLR camera with a good Zoom lense with image stabilizer and a BETTER tripod.

* * * *
A bird in the hand......can sometimes be a mess.
by porter57 on April 03, 2006 06:46 AM
check the ads out this weekend
ive been watching and waiting also
i have a fairly old pentax super program camera with a variety of lenses and when i make the hop to digital,i was hoping to be able to use those lenses. ive seen prices dropping quite a bit on slr digitals($699) with 2 lenses. no pentax's though.

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