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Soil blunder....too sandy

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by DaisyM on May 16, 2005 08:47 AM
I used to have a clay type soil in my garden. We brought in some new top soil, during the last couple of years to loosen it up, now I'm finding it is too sandy or sifty, as it dries out quickly. At the time of buying it looked good. It was supposed to be part/top soil/ humus and sand. It had a rich black color, but when it dried it didn't look too rich. Now, I would like to know what to buy to dense it up some, or do they even sell what I'm looking for. Any suggestions. Thanks.
by Longy on May 16, 2005 11:24 AM
You need some organic matter in the soil Daisy. Use compost preferably. Otherwise you can dig in manures such as sheep, cow or horse or any other grazing animal. Also using mulch will help as it will contribute as it breaks down. Some manures can be a little acidic so a dose of dolomite too may be required. Don't use green manures. Let them rot for a while. Organic matter needs to be continually replenished to ensure a regular supply of humus for the plants.

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