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by FRITO on March 02, 2006 07:37 AM
HI, I wasnt sure where to post this but this seems like the best spot.

Anyways. Im looking to turn my workshop behing my house into a mini grow room nursery place. I have some basic ideas what I want to do but need to know more about it.

I have lots or table top space and ability to make shleves. the building has its own electic box and is wired. It is not insulated and not airtight by any means. I have an exhuast fan blower installed on the side of the building.

Lighting: Ballast with florecent grow lights seem to be the best? any ideas on bulb types exactly?

Ventilation: the exhuast blwer fan can suck air out or blow fresh air in. Small ocillating fans can be installed to circulate airinside better

Humidity and watering: I was thinking of mybe intalling a misting system to water and provide more of a tropical enviroment in here.

Heat: space heaters or heat immiting from light bulbs should be plenty in the wnter even here in florida.

Timmers can be setup to controll the lighting and misting.

A thermometer and humidity control is a must.

Any tips or ideas are greatly appreciated!

by weezie13 on March 02, 2006 10:33 AM
Hi and Helllllllllllo FRITO!!!

I do not do seeds in the house...
but know one thing.. that's like a helpful hint..

Gardener's are always tryin' to get better light and such.....

My suggestion is mirror's on the walls, or area you have your seeds...

The light you do provide for your plants will reflect off of the mirror's and give you a double bang for your buck so to speak..

Hope this helps...

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by comfrey on March 02, 2006 11:06 AM
Frito...Check this thread about Grow Lights, That should answer some of your questions on that.

On the misting system...what is your building made out of or what is the inside of it??? If it is all wooden then you will end up with too much moisture for the wood, I would think.

* * * *
by FRITO on March 02, 2006 01:16 PM
thanks for the replies. I do know about mirrors and light and actually have an extra one laying around I may put to use.

The building is wood and too much misting would be a problem. I probably will end up manually misting with a spray bottle, cheaper and easier to set up.
by comfrey on March 02, 2006 01:31 PM
I turn one room into a greenhouse each year for my seed starting and seedling nursery. I use a space heater, have thermometer on the wall about middle ways, and use hanging shop lights with regular florescent bulbs, it stays warm and humid, but not to the point of damaging anything. I have often thought about turning one of my sheds into a permanent seed/potting area, something like what you are wanting to do. Also another idea instead of mirrors is the use of aluminum foil, to reflect light also. When you get it setup be sure to post pictures!!!

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