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about growing Aloe-Vera

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by amir on March 23, 2005 04:13 PM
Hello all:
My name is Amir Masoumkhani from Iran.
I'm 26 years old and my favorite is gardening.
When I heard some things about Aloe Vera plant, that was very interesting for me.
I wanna to make an Aloe vera garden and I ask you if you can give some information about growing Aloe vera or can you introduce me some references about that?
Thank you in advance

Sincerely Yours
Amir Masoumkhani
by JV on March 24, 2005 04:50 AM
Hello Amir and welcome to garden Helper. There are two ways on this site to get info on Aloe Vera. You can go to top of this page where it says Google type Aloe it will breing up links. Or you can go to Garden Helper plant guide in search type aloe it will bring you to a topic on the plant. all without leaving Garden Helper forum.
Good Luck. Happy Gardening [wayey]

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by kabuti on February 06, 2006 03:31 PM
We have aloevera growing here & it multiplies by itself. it also has a beautiful flower. We live in a warm climate
by Key8 on May 11, 2006 04:14 PM
Amir, I've had Aloe in my backyard for's great for burns. Just plant it in a sunny spot in soil that is well drained and only water it when it's dry.
by nmlAlba-dC15 on May 11, 2006 06:37 PM
Hello Amir...
outta curiosity have u got your Aloe Vera yet... i've got some baby aloes..but i suppose may b impossible to post that to u, huh?
Happy Gardening!

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